To get started with your WSPRlite, download the configuration app and follow these instructions:
Download instructions (PDF) - updated 2017-02-15

Some tips on fault finding if it doesn't work:
WSPRlite fault finding (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) - updated 2017-02-15

Instructions on how to update the firmware (the software inside your WSPRlite):
WSPRlite firmware update instructions (PDF)

Or if you don't yet have a WSPRlite, buy one here.

Configuration app

The WSPRlite configuration app is used to change the callsign, locator, and other settings for your WSPRlite.

System requirements: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10.

Windows XP and older are not supported. Linux version will be available soon. Mac is currently not supported.

Download config app - Windows

Critical Update v1.0.4 Released 17-Jan-17
Random frequency bug fix. All users who have programmed their WSPRlite using an older version of the config app should download the latest version of the app and reprogram their WSPRlite by changing band twice for continued optimum performance (assigns new random frequency). Once this is done, use as normal.


Current version v1.0.8
Released 2017-02-15
Add 630m band
Released 2017-02-15
Add a setting to transmit a callsign using morse code after each WSPR transmission
More accurate power output at lower frequencies
Beta test, no public release
Released 2017-01-19
Add a warning for old firmware versions
Released 2017-01-17
Fix random frequency bug on Windows
Released 2017-01-09
Add ability to update WSPRlite firmware (see the bottom of this page for firmware updates)
Released 2016-11-24
Added note about the limited precision of the transmitted locator
Added icon for executable
Released 2016-11-18
Added transmit frequency randomisation. ±50 Hz around the centre of the WSPR band, randomised whenever the band dropdown is changed in the config app.
Improved serial port dropdown default - it should now select the WSPRlite port automatically if the port is present when the program is started
Final beta test version

Credits: the configuration app uses libserialport (GNU LGPLv3+) and wxWidgets (wxWindows Library Licence).


On older versions of Windows, or if your computer does not have an internet connection, you may need to install the "CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP" driver manually. Download drivers here.

Source code

Source code (cross platform, tested on Windows and Linux) for the configuration app is available on Github

Firmware update

Firmware updates may occasionally be released to add features or fix problems with your WSPRlite.

WSPRlite firmware update instructions (PDF)

Download latest firmware

Current version v1.0.6
Released 2017-02-15
Add a setting to transmit a callsign using morse code after each WSPR transmission
630m band now works properly
Released 2017-01-19
Fix a rare lockup when using certain transmission frequencies
Released 2017-01-09
Minor internal changes - no new user functionality.