DXplorer™ is a unique web-based system providing facilities for on-air antenna system testing and comparison as well as real-time HF propagation analysis. DXplorer™ has been designed to be used with WSPRlite™. DXplorer™ is available for all radio amateurs to use, and works on mobile phones, desktops and tablets.

WSPRlite™ users gain access to additional features through DXplorer Premium™. DXplorer Premium™ provides enhanced reporting features as well as a powerful real-time antenna system comparison feature.

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The WSPR propagation reporter system was conceived and devised by Professor Joe Taylor K1JT

DXplorer uses data freely provided by WSPRnet.org - our thanks to them.

We also thank the hundreds of people who operate WSPR receivers around the World - you make it all possible!

DXplorer, WSPRlite and DX10 are Trademarks of ECS Ltd t/a SOTABEAMS. © ECS Ltd 2016. All rights reserved.